Project Overview 
gig! stands as an innovative exploration into the realm of "low fidelity" applications, specifically addressing the critical domain of financial literacy and investment. Motivated by insights from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the project transcends conventional financial guidance apps by adopting a self-directed approach. Unlike applications designed to lead users through entire processes, gig! places greater emphasis on user input and engagement, fostering a deeper understanding of individual financial habits and trends.
Key Elements
Financial Literacy Focus: Targets financial literacy through a user-motivated app
Self-Directed Approach: Empowers users to take control of their financial understanding
User Input Emphasis: Relies on user engagement to enhance comprehension of financial habits
Obsolescence as a Goal: Intends to become obsolete as users gain confidence, with the option to delete the app after achieving financial literacy
Restart Capability: Allows users to refer back to the app if necessary, promoting continuous learning cycles
User Experience
Empowerment: Encourages users to actively participate in their financial education
Confidence Building: Fosters user confidence in managing personal finances independently
User Engagement: Enhances financial understanding through ongoing user input and interaction
Obsolescence Philosophy: Reinforces the idea that the app serves as a temporary guide rather than a perpetual dependency
Measurable Outcomes
User Engagement Metrics: Evaluates the level of user interaction and input within the gig! app
Financial Literacy Improvement: Measures the impact of the app on enhancing users' financial literacy
Obsolescence Rate: Tracks the rate at which users choose to delete the app after achieving their financial literacy goals
User Feedback: Gathers user feedback on the effectiveness of the self-directed approach and obsolescence philosophy​​​​​​​
Project Reflection 
gig! redefines the concept of financial apps by embracing a self-directed, user-centric approach to financial literacy. Its unique philosophy of intentional obsolescence challenges the traditional notion of app longevity, focusing on empowering users to become financially confident and self-sufficient. By prioritizing engagement and user input, gig! strives to create a temporary yet impactful tool that leaves a lasting impression on users' financial habits and understanding.

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