Project Overview 
This project emerges from an exploration of ethics in VR within the context of digital futures. The inspiration stems from a Stanford Study and a deep dive into moral philosophy, probing the ethical challenges that designers are likely to encounter in the digital landscapes of the future. Anchored by the design framework from Ethical.OS, the project aims to navigate various ethical risk zones in digital futures.
Ethical Framework and Exploration
Framework: Leveraged the design framework by Ethical.OS as a guiding anchor for the project
Objective: Explore ethical risk zones in digital futures and delve into the concept of "go-along interviewing" in VR
Imaginarium of Ethics Event
Hypothetical Event: Created a tech convention called the "Imaginarium of Ethics" in collaboration with Ethical.OS, akin to Ted.X conventions
VR Space: Designed a dedicated VR space in Mozilla Hubs for researching go-along interviewing and exploring ethical risk zones
Interactive Advertising: Developed interactive advertising and promotional posters for the event
Promotional Video: Produced a promotional video to capture the essence of the Imaginarium of Ethics
Independent Project Details
Roles Covered: Managed all aspects of this independent project, including research, design, event planning, and video production
Duration: January - April 2022 (3 months)
Design Impact and Measurable Outcomes
Ethical Exploration: Examined and mapped various ethical risk zones within digital futures, contributing to a nuanced understanding of ethical challenges in VR and XR.
Event Engagement: Analyzed user engagement within the VR space, evaluating the effectiveness of the go-along interviewing concept and the exploration of risk zones.
Promotional Reach: Assessed the impact of interactive advertising and the promotional video on the Imaginarium of Ethics event's reach and participation
Project Reflection 
This independent project stands as a testament to the exploration of ethical considerations in digital futures. By creating a dynamic event space and leveraging VR technologies, the project not only delves into ethical risk zones but also pioneers the concept of "go-along interviewing." It represents a unique intersection of technology, ethics, and immersive experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of the ethical challenges that lie ahead in virtual and extended realities.

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