Project Overview 
This project delves into critical design, sparking discussions on privacy, analytics, and tracking in the near-tech futures. It explores the speculative use of emerging technologies such as Biometrics and Emotional AI. The focus is on envisioning a scenario where a tech giant has access to virtually all aspects of a user's online activity, using advanced tracking and measurement techniques to enhance advertising strategies.
Data Visualisation and Factors 
Utilizing a variety of factors for data visualization, including personality types, psychological profiles, and moral compasses, this project aims to embody what a data analysis and tracking company might seek. It questions what an interface would look like if a tech company could use Emotional AI and biometrics to statistically measure user engagement and reactions across various aspects of their online life.
Key Features of the Interface
User Influence Visualization: A unique feature that explores how family members influence each other's engagement in real life, reflected through their online activities. This includes content consumption, web searches, and more. The goal is to redefine advertising dynamics within a user's family by identifying influencers and analyzing their ripple effect.
Independent Project Details
Roles Covered: Solely managed and executed all aspects of this independent project.
Duration: January - April 2022 (3 months)
Here's a link to test out the interface yourself. 
Design Impact and Measurable Outcomes
User Engagement Patterns: Analyzed patterns of user engagement to understand how different factors contribute to online activities and interactions.
Influence Tracking Metrics: Developed metrics to track and measure the influence of family members on each other's online behavior.
User Feedback Analysis: Gathered and analyzed user feedback on the interface to identify areas of improvement and assess overall user experience.
Speculative Impact Considerations: Explored and documented the speculative impact of the project on user privacy, advertising strategies, and ethical considerations.
Project Reflection 
This independent project stands out as a personal favorite due to its exploration of speculative futures, ethical implications, and the power dynamics within user families. The unique features of the interface challenge conventional advertising strategies and prompt viewers to consider the potential consequences of advanced tracking technologies in the realm of Emotional AI and Biometrics.
And here's some project feedback from my professor. 

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