I've recently been working on modelling a 3D Dental Syringe as part of my work at UBC's Emerging Media Lab/Digital Experience Lab for the Fossa Finder project. I designed and modelled the syringe through Blender, and it will then be implemented through Unity. (Note that the syringe and project are property of DXL/EML, UBC)
Here's a variety of different 3D Renders I've made on Modo, ranging from product, furniture, consumer, architecture/interior and conceptual renders. The text labels have been made on Photoshop and then brought into Modo as overlays.
And here's some exploration I've been doing on Adobe Illustrator's new 3D and Materials section, which I've been really enjoying as a way for quick 3D modelling. 
And some further experimentation with MagicaVoxel, an 8-bit voxel editor as a source to create multiple quick iterations for low-fi prototypes. Plus, it looks cool.

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