Project Overview
Kopi is an immersive exploration of a dataset centered around coffee bean quality, seamlessly integrating data visualization with product branding. The project originated from a passion for coffee and a desire to transform a dataset into an engaging, informative experience. The primary goal was to create a visual representation of the dataset, intending to be incorporated into an app or feature. Beyond traditional data visualization, Kopi introduces interactive packaging as a form of informative advertising.
Key Elements
Dataset Exploration: Focuses on a Coffee Bean Quality dataset, comparing various Arabica and Robusta beans across multiple characteristics
Design Opportunity: Identifies the potential to leverage interactive packaging for informative advertising
User Engagement: Allows users to scan a QR code on the packaging to gain personalized taste recommendations and visually compare them to other beans
Interactive Features: Enables users to save preferences, explore other suggestions, fostering curiosity without the necessity for a purchase
Brand Concept
Name: Kopi
Concept: Blends data visualization, coffee expertise, and branding through interactive packaging
User Interaction: Encourages users to engage with the brand through QR code scanning, enhancing their understanding of coffee characteristics
Niche Taste Recommendations: Provides personalized taste recommendations based on individual preferences
Measurable Outcomes
User Interaction Metrics: Evaluates the number of users engaging with the interactive packaging feature through QR code scans
Brand Engagement: Measures the impact of the branding strategy on user interest and curiosity
App Adoption: Tracks the adoption rate of the app or feature incorporating the Kopi data visualization
User Retention: Assesses the effectiveness of the interactive features in retaining user interest and encouraging return engagement.
Project Reflection 
Kopi exemplifies a fusion of data visualization, product branding, and user engagement, catering to coffee enthusiasts seeking a personalized and informative experience. By transforming a coffee bean dataset into interactive packaging, the project introduces a novel approach to advertising that transcends the traditional boundaries of data visualization. The outcome is not merely a visualization but an interactive journey for users to explore and appreciate the nuances of coffee characteristics.

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