Project Overview 
As virtual reality (VR) and its content become increasingly accessible, the landscape of advertising within VR evolves. AdTuring, a group project, ventures into speculative futures, exploring the development of persuasive and personalized advertisements within VR and extended reality (XR) systems. The project serves as an educational tool infused with satire, aiming to shed light on the potential trajectory of advertising in VR.
Interactive Satirical Experience
Objective: Educate users about speculative advertising futures in VR through gamification
Levels: Comprises three levels, each escalating in obscurity
Gameplay: Users navigate and collect points to advance, uncovering the subtleties and intrusiveness of "sneaky" ads
Pop-Up Ads: Introduces disruptive pop-up ads during gameplay to simulate potential future advertising experiences
Educational Focus: Provides users with insights into how personalized advertising might evolve in the near tech future
Project Role
User + Psychology Research: Grounded the project in user-centric and psychological research
Background Design: Contributed to the creation of the project's context and background
Flats: Worked on the visual representation of the project
User Testing: Conducted user testing to refine the user experience
UX/UI Design: Designed the user experience and user interface elements
Measurable Outcomes
User Engagement: Assessed user engagement levels during gameplay, evaluating how effectively the game conveyed the speculative advertising concepts
Educational Impact: Measured the success of the satire in imparting insights into the potential future of personalized advertising
UX/UI Effectiveness: Analyzed the efficiency of the UX/UI design in guiding users through the levels and conveying the intended messaging
Project Reflection 
AdTuring emerges as a dynamic exploration of advertising possibilities in VR, combining satire and gamification to educate users. Through three progressively obscure levels, users gain firsthand experience of potential advertising strategies, from subtle tactics to disruptive pop-up ads. The project stands as an innovative blend of research, design, and user engagement, offering a glimpse into the future of personalized advertising in immersive digital environments.

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