Hi, I'm Anushka Sharma!

UX/UI Designer, Researcher Visual Storyteller ✣ Narrative Data ✣ Strategy ✣ Analysis

UBC Emerging Media Lab
Black Peak Website Redesign
As part of a design sprint for Black Peak, I undertook an 8-hour contracted project to redesign the hero section of their website's home page.
Data Analytics: Coffee
Python Data Analysis on Coffee flavor profile datasets
Lookout Internship
User Research + Design Thinking
Capstone Project: gAIa
Exploring Ubiquitous AI + Data Privacy
Emotional AI + Biometrics
Speculative Big Data captured through Emotional AI
Digital Futures (VR + XR)
Exploring Ethical and Philosophical Realities
Creative Coding
Interactive Art + Programming
VR Advertising Game: AdTuring
Gamifying Advertising Strategies
Data Visualisation: Kopi
Packaging Design for Complex Data Sets
Low Financial Fidelity App: gig!
Financial Literacy + Investment
Disaster Relief Rapid Response
Interface for Swift Emergency Action
Identity Design for Diverse Clients
3D Modelling
3D Modelling Design for Diverse Clients and Use Cases
Visual / Graphic Design
Visual Communication Design
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